Wicked or Hamilton?

Wicked Musical is a unique comedy about the life of a rich young man who becomes a born again Christian and goes on to become a great performer in the performing arts. Michael Chiklis plays the title role of Billy Zane, a boy who moves from Chicago to Los Angeles, California toto pursue his dream of becoming an actor. However, he soon discovers that his new home is not what he expected when he rents the estate of a much older woman (Annette Benning). With the help of his friend played by Jason Segal (Office Space), Billy soon finds out that there are some dark secrets that lay underneath the beautiful facade of the woman he now calls his bride-to-be. Wicked Musical also tells the story of a rich but inexperienced youth who becomes a born again Christian after a series of tragic events leads him to find his own path in life.

Wicked is one of the few movies that managed to bring musical theater to the forefront while still incorporating a variety of other elements of the genre into the story. This makes Wicked a very interesting film, as it combines elements of comedy, tragedy, and romance into an interesting, and sometimes comedic, story line. Wicked tickets discount coupon is a way to get wicked broadway musical tickets cheap. The fact that director Tim Burton chose to make a musical version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory also helps the film become one of the most popular of the animated film era. While the majority of the film is centered around Billy Zane’s storyline, the musical elements help make it more enjoyable as both audiences and writers can relate to the story more easily than they could have without the added magic of music.

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Music plays an important role in the success of any movie. While some people may criticize the inclusion of songs in movies as being too much decoration or over-the-top, the inclusion of appropriate music allows filmmakers to tell a more personal story with lyrics and melody. Wicked is just such a story, told through the story of a young man who yearns for love and happiness in his own way, but finds himself blocked by his evil stepmother and her plans to marry a wealthy man. Although some of the songs may seem a bit corny now (like the cinnamon bun song that plays in the beginning of the movie), they are still funny and appropriate for a movie. If you want a good musical choice for your next Halloween party, make sure you’re watching Wicked.

New York Broadway Musical Hamilton

Hamilton: An American Musical based on the life and times of our great Revolutionary War hero, Alexander Hamilton, is a sung-and -ragged-through romantic musical about our first national currency leader. Lin-Manuel Miranda, who most notably played the role of both George Washington and Hamilton, provides the words and music for this musical, which was directed by Thomas Hazard. The musical tells the tale of American founding father, Alexander Hamilton. Miranda said that he was deeply inspired to write the musical following a reading of the highly acclaimed biography of Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow..

The musical has received many positive reviews from critics and audience members alike. In addition, numerous posthumous Hamilton biographies have been written, including those by Lin-Manuel Miranda, which focused on the years preceding Hamilton’s presidency. Hamilton tickets cheap are easy with Tickets4musical website. The play is also the subject of numerous Hamilton video essays and a documentary film by Aaron M. Ritter, which you can find online.

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