What Is NetApp Certification?

NetApp Certified Data Administrator is one of the most popular certifications released by NetApp which is a leading information technology consulting firm in the world. This professional-level certification enables the learners to perform various administrative functions, detail support, and optimum performance management for NetApp based data storage consoles running the ONTAP operating system on Windows and NFS (CIFS). The exams cover subjects such as system administration, troubleshooting, customizing the application servers for different operating systems, uploading files, customizing the portal, creating databases, and more.

Pass rates for this exam vary and depend largely on the student’s performance. In addition to the number of questions and the type of questions posed to the candidates, students are also required to show the proper procedures and practices in administering data storage solutions using NetApp NS0-161 Practice Exam Questions. Students are not permitted to copy and reuse existing charts and images found in the labs; instead, they should create their own worksheets and use the official images provided by NetApp. This exam is also categorized as having a medium level of difficulty with the students being required to reach a certain pass rate in order to earn the credential. Those who have passed the exam are then eligible for free certification and can use it in their job or school as an aide for networking with other professionals.

Aside from the NetApp certification, there are also a number of other exams offered by NetApp which allow for more practice time before taking the actual exam. These include the NetApp Wireless Essentials Practice Test, the NetApp Virtual Appliance Testing, the NetApp Server Essentials Guide, and Video Training. By taking all of these practice exams, it allows for the students to familiarize themselves with the system, the application materials, and the concepts before actually taking the real NetApp exam. Those who are interested in becoming a NetApp certified data administrator can do so by passing these tests. They can even become virtual assistants if they are really good at answering questions.