February Popular Days

February is the seventh month of the Gregorian calendar and the fourth of the Roman calendars. The seventh day of February is known as the feast of the full moon and is the last full moon before the summer. February is also the twelfth diapason of the Roman calendar and marks the beginning of winter. The month has a slightly different start and finish to other months, however it has the same date every year.


Chinese New Year History

Chinese New Year is an important holiday in China, a traditional and widely celebrated festival which falls on the Lunar Calendar. Chinese New Year began on the evening of the 19th November with the start of the Spring Festival and runs until the early part of the Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year commemorates the return of buds into the earth and the start of the planting season. Chinese people celebrate this time of the year by eating and sharing new things in their lives, hoping that these things will bring joy and happiness to their family and friends.

The majority of the Chinese New Year’s activities are based on food and Chinese New Year zodiac, it is believed that eating on this day will bring great joy and happiness to the whole family. At the start of the New Year, on the first day of the new lunar year, the Emperor and Highness’s hold a banquet in the Grand Palace and celebrate the success of the Jade Emperor’s rule over the kingdom. On this same day, Chinese people from all over the country return to their homes, bearing gifts and good wishes for the happiness and prosperity of the Jade Emperor’s estate. Chinese people decorate their house and office with new and attractive decorations, making it look elegant and rich.


Chinese New Year is a vital and important religious holiday for the Chinese people, because it takes place at a time when there are disharmony and change in the forces of nature and in the political forces inside the country. On this day, the Emperor’s calendar is changed, taking him on a journey across the heaven and earth. Chinese people believe that the spirits of the ancestors have left their mark on the new January of each year through the gifts they have brought for the new season. They also hope that in January, the Emperor will be able to return to the Jade Emperor’s palace and perform the justice that his predecessors have refused to perform so many years ago. Chinese people’s main aim for this colorful and exciting Chinese New Year is to pray for prosperity and happiness for themselves and their families, and to wish each other luck and well being for the coming year.

What is President’s Day?

President Day is an annual national holiday in the United States observed on the second Monday of February to commemorate George Washington, the first president of America, who was born on February 21, 1732. President Washington served two terms as our nation’s first president and is widely recognized for his role in ensuring American Independence and is leading the American Continental army during the Revolutionary War. Two days later, in 1776, he was presented with his own Washington Silver Coin which is considered as the first US currency. Today this silver dollar coin is known as the Presidential coin.

There are many traditions surrounding President’s Day. During this day, millions of people across the United States to observe a candlelight dinner in their homes and mark the day with prayer and song. It is believed that Thomas Jefferson, the third US President, was the first one to celebrate President’s Day. His very first message to Congress was in fact written on the same day that he received the news of his beloved wife’s death.

What is Closed On Presidents Day? President’s Day is a historical and public holiday that recognizes the role that the presidency has played in American history. The United States government recognizes twenty different days of the year as White House Office or President’s Day. President’s Day is officially established as a private, non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating America’s President. In most of the states, local municipalities also observe President’s Day as a way of recognizing the nation’s President.

Valentine’s Day Sayings

Valentine’s Day is a holiday dedicated to love, with the common celebration being on that date between two lovers or between two married people who still love one another despite many years having passed. It is widely accepted that love truly does last, and many people plan their entire Valentine’s Day based on this fact. Valentine’s Day is often considered as the day for giving, with many gifts being exchanged between couples and friends as a way of showing their love for each other. Some countries celebrate Valentine’s Day as a special national holiday, with public celebrations being held to mark the sentiments of love, togetherness and loyalty which are supposed to be shared between two people.

Valentine’s Day is internationally known as a day for romance. On this day many stores and companies offer special discounts or offers for lovers or offer free gifts or flowers on Valentine’s Day. With this in mind, many people choose to go out on a romantic date on Valentine’s Day instead of celebrating it with their loved ones at home. The fact that new Valentines Day sayings has become synonymous with love makes it a popular day for bakeries, caterers and other food courts to display their latest flavors or specialty items. Many people like to take the traditional route and bake some cupcakes or pastries to send to their loved ones on Valentine’s Day. In fact, the popularity of baking and sending cupcakes or pastries as Valentine’s Day gifts has become so great that several bakeries have started to offer special packages for this purpose.

On this special day, if you get the opportunity to spend time with your sweetheart, you should make the most of it by arranging a chauffeur driven car for her. With Valentine’s Day is a day for romance and giving, you can be sure that your date will appreciate spending time in a limo driving around in style. Whether you are planning a Valentine’s Day Dinner with just the two of you, or spending an entire evening at a fancy restaurant with your date, sending her a chauffeured Mercedes Benz E Class can make a great Valentine’s Day gift for her. Or can you?

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